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Floriculture in West Bengal : Problems and Potentials
Debashis Sarkar • Kazi MB Rahim • Sibranjan Mishra

The Book examines the present production strategy of the floriculture crops and economics.
Debashis Sarkar is teaching Agricultural Economics.Kazi MB Rahim is Secretary, National Disasters Management Cell, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan.Sibranjan Misra received his Ph.D. Degree in Economics from Jadavpur University, West Bengal and D.E.P from University of Naflis, Italy.

viii + 143Pp 23cms   ISBN 61-66772-01-4   Rs.260 US$ 26

Editors : Dharam Vir and Kamlesh Mahajan

THIS book deals with women’s movements, politics and awareness. Dr Dharam Vir, Ph. D., D. Litt. in Sociology, is teaching graduate and post-graduate students in the Department of Sociology, N. A. S. College, CCS University, Meerut.

Dr (Mrs) Kamlesh Mahajan, Ph. D., D. Litt. in Sociology, is teaching in the Department of Sociology, Ismail National Mahila Post-graduate College, CCS University, Meerut.

Viii + 244Pp 22x14cms   2006   ISBN : 81-86772-21-9   Rs.630.00 US$63

Trade and Urban Centres in Ancient and Early Medieval Orissa
Chandramani Nayak

The book Urbanisation forms an important branch of historical studies in recent times. Urban centres have always been considered the nucleus of human civilization and culture. Dr. Chandramani Nayak did his M.A in History from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar and M.Phil from Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  xii +132Pp 22 x 14.5 cms   2004   ISBN: 81-86772-17-0   Rs.395 US$40

Traditional Indian Ship Building Memories • History • Technology
G Victor Rajamanickam

The book is an outcome of eight long years of fieldwork carried out under the support of CSIR, Government of India. The book will be of great use to historians, archaeologists, maritime scientists, anthropologists, ethnographers and scholars of ancient industries and sciences.

G.Victor Rajamanickam is Professor of Disaster Management, SASTRA, Deemed University, Thanjavur. Foreword by LOTIKA VARADARAJAN, Historian, Traditional Knowledge Systems and Technologies.
xxxviii + 317Pp 236 design drawings/coloured/BW plates   2004   ISBN 81-86772-13-8   Rs.1695 US$ 120

Contemporary Indian Women : Collected Works (Set in Six Volumes)
Editors Dharam Vir • Kamlesh Mahajan

The work attempts to highlight the problems of women, their present status and the challenges they face with their counterparts. These volumes comprehensively discuss problems of equality of sexes. More than sixty scholars have contributed these articles.

Dr. Dharamvir has been teaching sociology to graduate and post-graduate students, NAS College, CCS University, Meerut for last more than three decades. Dr. Mrs. Kamlesh Mahajan has been teaching graduate and post-graduate students in Ismail National Mahila post-graduate College, Meerut for nearly three decades.

xxxvi + 1486 Pp (set) 23cms.   ISBN : 81-86772-00-6 (Set)   Rs.3900/- US$ 390

Quaternary Sea-Level Variations, Shoreline Displacement and Coastal Environment
Editors G.Victor Rajamanickam • Michael J Tooley

The Book is a study of interglacial Sea-level and coastal environmental changes. The record of sea-level changes on continental shelves. Coral reefs and sea-level changes, Sediment sources and sinks in coastal zones particularly sand dunes and estuaries during the Holocene, Coastal changes associated with Seismic events and storm signatures and EI Nino events and their impacts on coasts.

G. Victor Rajamanickam is former Professor of Earth Science at Tamil University and now Professor Disaster Management, SASTRA, Deemed University, Thanjavur. Michael J Tooley is Professor of Physical Geography and Environmental Science at Kingston University, U.K.

Reviewed by: Dr M Prithviraj, NRDMS Division, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi appeared in Indian Journal of Geomorphology Vol.4 (1&2)
  xvi + xxxi + 260Pp 21x27cms   2001   ISBN: 81-86772-06-5   Rs.3000.00 US$ 200

Violence Against Women And Their Exploitation in India
Edited by Dharam Vir

THIS book deals with the most important issues of violence and exploitation of women in Indian society.

Dr Dharam Vir , Ph. D., D. Litt. in Sociology, is teaching graduate and post-graduate students in the Department of Sociology, N. A. S. College, CCS University, Meerut.
Viii + 235Pp 22x14cms   2006   ISBN : 81-86772-19-7   Rs.615.00 US$ 61.5

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