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A Tale of Two Economies : Development Dynamics of India and Malaysia By

The book attempts to make a comparative analysis of the development dynamics of India and Malaysia with reference to resource mobilization from the rural and the rest-of-the-world sectors.

Dr. B.N.Ghosh, Ph.D (India), M.CIM (U.K), is currently Professor of Economics, University Science Malaysia at Penang.
  xi+127Pp  23cms.  1998  ISBN : 81-86772-02-2   Rs.360/-   US$ 36

Changing Status and Emerging Problems Of Indian Women
Editors Dharam Vir and Kamlesh Mahajan

THIS book deals with the most important issues of changing status and emerging problems of women in Indian society .

Dr Dharam Vir, Ph. D., D. Litt. in Sociology, is teaching graduate and post-graduate students in the Department of Sociology, N. A. S. College, CCS University, Meerut. Dr (Mrs) Kamlesh Mahajan, Ph. D., D. Litt. in Sociology, is teaching in the Department of Sociology, Ismail National Mahila Post-graduate College, CCS University, Meerut.

  Viii + 303Pp   22x14cms   2006   ISBN : 81-86772-23-5   Rs.775 US$ 77.5

Economic Evaluation of Rare and Strategic Mineral Resources By
S.N. Virnave

The Book highlights the economic aspects of rare and strategic mineral deposits and their applications in the critical areas of defence, atomic energy,space-technology, electronics, telecommunications and innovative technology.

The book caters to the basic needs of earth-science students, professional geoscientists engaged in mineral exploration programme. Prof. (Dr.) S.N. Virnave is a well-known geoscientist with vast and varied experience in the field of earth-science with specialization in the domain of nuclear raw material exploration.
  xiv + 242Pp 22 x 14 cms   2003   ISBN 81-86772-11-1 (HB)   Rs.595 US$ 60   ISBN 81-86772-12-X (PB)   Rs.395 US$ 40

Ethics and Information Technology
Editor Göran Collste

The ethical issues underlying the computerization and information technology are the subject of the essays collected in this book.

Professor Göran Collste is director of the Centre for Applied Ethics at Linköing University, Linköping, Sweden. He is TD at Uppsala University and senior lecturer in ethics.

  178Pp 13.5 x 21 cms   1998   ISBN 81-86772-04-9   Rs.750.00   US$75.00

Gully Erosion And Management Methods And Applications (A Field Manual)
Savindra Singh Alok Dubey

The Book is a study of life cycles of natrual and man-impacted gullies of various orders for successive years based on field data obtained through instrumentation survey and measurement.

Savindra Singh is ex Professor and Head, Department of Geography, Allahabad University. Alok Dubey is Reader, Department of Geography, Allahabad University.
  xvii + 248 Pp 16 coloured plates 18 x 25 cms   2002   ISBN 81-86772-08-1 (HB)   Rs. 900.00(HB)   US$ 90.00(HB)   ISBN 81-86772-07-0 (PB)   Rs. 600.00(PB)   US$ 60.00(HB)   ISBN 81-86772-12-X (PB)   Rs.395 US$ 40

Handbook of Placer Mineral Depostis
Editor G. Victor Rajamanickam

This book has the study material about (1) Distribution, (2) Mineralogy, (3) Geochemistry, (4) Environment, (5) Legislation, (6) Economics, and (7) Provenance.

G.Victor Rajamanickam is Professor of Disaster Management, SASTRA, Deemed University, Thanjavur.

  viii + xxxvi + 327Pp 18 x 25 cms 2001 ISBN 81-86772-09-X Rs.990 US$90

Keys to the 21st Century (Original Manuscript of UNESCO)
Editor Jérôme Bindé

The Book constitutes a first anthology of contributions to this future oriented guess which UNESCO has placed at the centre.
It discusses the problems human being may face in 21st Century and suggests the remedial measures.

  xvi + 395 Pp   16.5 x 25 cms 2004   ISBN 81-86772-15-4 (HB)   Rs.495.00 (HB)   ISBN 81-86772-16-2 (PB)   Rs.295.00 (PB)

Edited by Dharam Vir

THIS book focuses on kinship family and marriage.

Dr Dharam Vir , Ph. D., D. Litt. in Sociology, is teaching graduate and post-graduate students in the Department of Sociology, N. A. S. College, CCS University, Meerut.
Viii + 236Pp 22x14cms   2006   ISBN : 81-86772-20-0   Rs.615.00 US$

Mine Ventilation Safety And Environment [kku ok;qlapkj] lqj{kk ,oa i;kZoj.k
Editors M L Gupta J K Pandey Anjanee Kumar

The Book Contains proceedings of National Seminar on Mine Ventilation, Safety and Environment held at CMRI Dhanbad.

M L Gupta, Deputy Director at Central Mining Research Institute, Dhanbad. J K Pandey, Assistant Director at Central Mining Research Institute, Dhanbad. Anjanee Kumar, is a scientist in Central Mining Research Institute, Dhanbad.

xvi + 562Pp 14.5 x 22 cms   2002   ISBN 81-86772-x-3   Rs.1250.00 US$125

Rural Development In India
D N Jena

The book analyses the various dimensions of rural development in the context of socio-cultural realities of the rural society.
D N Jena, Professor in Sociology at the Post-Graduate Department of Sociology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.

178 Pp 13.5 x 21 cms   1998   ISBN : 81-86772-04-9   Rs.750 US$ 75


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