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India's Experiment with Local Democracy

Public Libraries in Darjeeling

Editors : Prabin Karkee

ISBN : 9788186772997

PAGES : xviii + 169 Pp


Rs.695/- US$ 25.00


About The Book

The book presents an extensive study of the public libraries located in the hill region of Darjeeling district, the north-most tract of West Bengal. This detailed and well-illustrated review describes the history, development and current scenario of all the government and government sponsored public libraries spotted throughout the region.

The overall exploration of the hill public libraries in their existing state is supplemented by the proposition which deems to be significant for the use in formulating the vision statement in future to those who may concern. The book offers a field based comprehensive analysis that covers topics like;

  • historical, geographical and cultural contours
  • genesis and growth of public libraries in the region
  • problems, prospects and propositions et al.

The book highlights the need for extensive information and greater awareness of the libraries and its users.