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Marin Geology

Marine Geology : A Scenario Around Indian Coasts

Author : T K Mallik

ISBN : 978-81-86772-28-7

PAGES : Xxviii + 457Pp


Rs.2895/- US$ 145/ £ 75/ € 110


About The Book

The book "Marine Geology : A Scenario Around Indian Coasts" indicates that the sea bordering India is not just a vast expanse of water but it holds the secrets of earths history as well as rich mineral resources. It contains a wealth of information on varied aspects of Marine Science and written in simple and easily readable manner with lots of illustrations.

Important topics like history, nature of the seafloor and bottom sediments have been covered . The mineral resources- their assessment, exploration and exploitation problems have been discussed. The significant results of the Deep Sea Drilling Project around Indian coasts have been provided. Different aspects of Coastal Zone Management and the suggested model studies will be a very useful guide. The Coastal Hazard problems and their solutions and the discussion on Tsunamis will create interest amongst researchers in related field. The Coral Reefs and different aspects of the Lakshadweep will enrich all readers on these remote atolls . The evidences of sea level changes from different types of work will help scientists to work on similar lines. The details on geotechnical aspects of continental shelves, coastal hazards and laws of the Sea with concept of legal continental shelf are new additions to a book of Marine Geology. The future trend suggested at the end will be a useful guide for all researchers. Detail of references provided at the end is exhaustive.

The book provides the much needed basic information and state of the Art on different offshore and coastal aspects around India and will serve as a guide for further exploration and research. The book will be very useful to the Students, Researchers, Planners, Professionals and Administrators in all the possible and important aspects of Marine Science.