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Marine Geology

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Environment of the Himalayas

Author : Taj Rawat

ISBN : 978-81-86772-26-3

PAGES : Viii + 141Pp


Rs.475/- US$ 22.50/ £12


About The Book

The book "Environment of the Himalayas" is a treasure of information on Himalayan eco-system, environmental impacts, geography, natural resources, forest ecology, deforestation, watershed management, glaciers, fauna and flora, heritage tourism and sports, management of wild lands and development in the Himalayan region.

The state wise data and general information about north-eastern states has also been provided.

A usefull book for botonical scientists and students, environmental scientists and students, agricultural scientists and students and for authorities associated with Himalayas improvement.

Himalayan Eco-system :The Conservation of Himalayan eco-system is the main task among the environment agencies of the country. The degradation of Himalayan eco-system affects the climatic conditions of the whole country, from monsoon to river water, all are influenced by the Himalayas.

The Himalay - Geography, Geology, Natural Resources and Population : Indian region is one of the most distinct bio-geographical regions of the world. India is the seventh largest country in the world and Asia's largest country with a total area of 3029 million hectare. Great work has been done on the natural resources of the Himalaya.

Himalayan Glaciers : Himalayan glaciers are amazing silent rivers of snow scattered all over the Himalayas. The Himalayan glaciers create large snow fields and cause thundering avalanches. Some of the importants glaciers of the Himalayas are Siachin Glaciers, Baltoro Glaciers, Biafo Glacier, Hispar Glaciers, Nubra Glacier etc.