NAP are publishing books on Sciences and Humanities. Proceeding volumes of National and International Seminars. NAP invite manuscripts for consideration of publishing from Indian as well as overseas authors with good academic background.

NAP are suppliers of books on all subjects to research institutions, universities and colleges. Majority of our supplies are for Environment, Geosciences and Marine Sciences. Though orders for Biosciences, Humanities, Agriculture, Medical and Engineering are also complied.

NAP undertake printing jobs in black as well as 4-colour on behalf of societies from India as well as overseas at competitive rates. Enquiries from overseas booksellers and publishers are welcome for our quality and cost effective printing alongwith binding.

New Academic Publishers are publishers and library suppliers of scientific, technical and humanities books published overseas or in India to Universities, Indian Research Institutions and Ministries libraries.

NAP's associates Universal Academic Books Publishers and Distributors are exporters of Indian Books and Journals. Any book or journal published in India can be arranged and exported.

Journeys into the Past: Historical and Heritage Tourism in Bengal by Suman Mukherjee

ISBN : 9788186772980
PAGES : xxx + 544Pp
EDITION : 2018
MRP : Rs.2695/- US$ 75.00

Restructuring Indian Federation by Jitendra Sahoo

ISBN : 9788186772973
PAGES : xv + 241Pp
EDITION : 2018
MRP : Rs.995/- US$ 30.00

India's Experiment with Local Democracy

ISBN : 9788186772966
PAGES : xii + 163Pp
EDITION : 2018
MRP : Rs.845/- US$ 28.00

Saga of Bengal Silk and Handloom Industry

ISBN : 9788186772737
PAGES : xx + 110Pp
EDITION : 2018
MRP : Rs.650/- US$ 21.50

Structural and Microstructural Studies of Small Molecules Using Single and Powder Crystal X-Ray Diffraction

ISBN : 9788186772959
PAGES : xiv + 181Pp
EDITION : 2018
MRP : Rs.795/- US$ 26.50

Terrorism and Human Rights in the Globalizing World: Experience in Indian Context

ISBN : 9788186772942
PAGES : viii + 160Pp
EDITION : 2017
MRP : Rs.680/- US$ 15